Haitian Community Rallies Against Trump

On Jan. 15, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Haitian community rallied in the heart of Times Square to denounce comments made by President Donald Trump in a closed-door meeting, where he allegedly referred to the African continent, El Salvador, and Haiti as “shitholes.” READ MORE

UWI Vice Chancellor Says The Caribbean, Haiti Must Be Respected

Vice Chancellor of the University of the West Indies (UWI), Profressor Hilary Beckles says the United States needs to respect the Caribbean and Haiti in particular. READ MORE

Haitian Ambassador Encourages Trump To Visit Haiti

An invitation has been extended to US President Donald Trump to visit Haiti in the aftermath of reports that he made a derogatory comment about the French-speaking Caribbean Community (CARICOM) member state. READ MORE

Republican Senator Says Trump Didn’t Use Vulgarity to Describe Haiti and African Nations

A Republican senator who attended an immigration meeting last week at the White House forcefully denied on Sunday (Jan 14) that President Donald Trump had used the phrase “s***hole countries” in describing Haiti and African nations, saying a Democratic senator’s account of the session was “a gross misrepresentation.”  READ MORE

Haitians In Florida Protest Trump’s ‘Shithole’ Comments, Demand Apology

Members of the Haitian community in South Florida gathered Monday to protest President Donald Trump’s comments about immigrants from “shithole” countries. READ MORE

Haitian-American GOP Rep. Mia Love Says Trump’s ‘S–thole’ Comment Is Racist

Republican Rep. Mia Love has condemned Donald Trump’s comments describing Haiti and African nations as “s–thole countries,” calling the president’s words racist. READ MORE

Bill Clinton Denies Haiti Relief Funds Paid for Chelsea’s Wedding … Wikileaks Proves Otherwise

Bill Clinton went on a rant after it was said that the Clinton Foundation looted Haiti and used the proceeds to pay for Chelsea’s lavish wedding. He categorically denied the implication. “I never had embezzlement with that money, US Greenbacks.” READ MORE

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