Happy Independence Day and New Year!

This year is a big one for both the publication and myself. In October we’ll celebrate Haitian Times’ 20th year anniversary and will officially usher in a new chapter for the company, with me at the helm as publisher. Garry, the founding publisher, built something in our community that is truly invaluable. He put power in our hands to tell our own stories, from our own perspectives, in a way that hadn’t been done before. I’m proud to continue on the foundation he built and look forward to bringing his vision and creation to new heights.

This month we also celebrate two other anniversaries — the 215th anniversary of our independence from the French and 9 years since the tragic earthquake in 2010.

For me it’s a bittersweet celebration of our independence, given the current political instability in Haiti. It appears that after more than 200 years of freedom, we are still trying to come to terms as a nation of what democracy and real sovereignty looks like for a truly free nation.

Despite these challenges, it’s important for me to communicate to the world that Haiti is more than just her shortcomings. She is also a collective of rich culture, beauty and success. For example, this month we’ll be reporting out of Haiti for the 13th Annual PAP Jazz Festival. You’ll also find the latest article in a series on the Haitian community in Paris from our correspondent in France.

Haiti is more than we know, and it’s our mission to bring what we find to you all day, every day.

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