Canada data shows 10 percent of Haitian border crossers get refugee status

Canada has granted refugee status to about 10 percent of the 298 Haitian border crossers whose applications have been processed this year, according to government data released last Wednesday. READ MORE

Ending TPS for Haiti affects thousands of children

Stress, fear of losing parents or being forcibly relocated to Haiti while experiencing elevated levels of anxiety can leave long-term impacts, said Lawrence Palinkas, professor of social policy and health at the University of Southern California. READ MORE

Protests in Haiti as president reestablishes national army

Hundreds of protesters took to the streets of Port-au-Prince before the announcement, demonstrating against corruption and the proposed army. “We don’t want an army in Haiti,” protester Jean-Robert Sanon told Le Nouvelliste. “The Haitian army is known for repressing democracy in Haiti, we don’t want to return to this dark past.” READ MORE

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