HOLLYWOOD, FL — Writer and poet Sandra Jean Charite launched her debut book of poetry, Picking up My Pearls from the Altar, a series of poems about love, heartbreaks, mistakes and challenges that form the fabric of this tumultuous journey. In her new work, Charite continues to explore the encompassing theme of love – love of self, love of others, the love of God and even heartbreak.

At the base of Picking up My Pearls from the Altar lies a deep realization, that the foundation is love, and it isn’t difficult to recollect all the pearls one has given away to the undeserving, and start walking towards God with renewed faith.

“Too often in life, we endure hardships resulting from unreciprocated love and from being in relationships that leave us feeling bitter. Ultimately, we become fearful of opening our hearts to others. Love, whether good, bad or ugly, should never paralyze us from allowing the love of God to flow in our hearts,” said Charite.

Charite has undergone her own painful journey, during which she felt the emptiness of mere words, love without any action, and counterfeit love that is all too common. She realized that the true love she desperately sought, which was free from obligations, abuse or torment, was God’s love. Picking up My Pearls from the Altar encourages readers to confront heartbreak and pain, while still moving toward their destiny.

“It is through His authority that we can take back what was stolen from us in the beginning, although our love is not always perfect.”

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