Do you want to quickly work your way up the property ladder? All you need to do is maximize the value of your current property. We are therefore offering some top tips on how to add value to your home.

Fix Structural Issues

Many homeowners often look for ways to make cosmetic changes to their homes, such as a bathroom remodel or new kitchen units. Yet, you must resolve any structural issues before you consider changing the interior design. A skilled local builder can spot any structural defects that could affect your resale value.

For instance, they can identify rising damp, a leaking roof, structural cracks in walls, missing or broken roof tiles, or rotting joists. You must strive to repair all structural problems before putting a home up for sale, which will help you to secure a buyer.

Install Central Heating

Does a central heating system seem a little too expensive? Well, it can add more value to the property than its cost. Nowadays, central heating is a must-have for buyers, so hire an experienced plumber to install a new system into your property to enjoy a superb return on your investment.

Update the Essentials

No prospective buyer will want to buy a property with faulty wiring, old pipework or a lack of sockets. We therefore encourage you to update the essentials to attract buyers in their droves. For example, you can add extra sockets to boost your home’s value, and you should consider updating the electrics if your home has not been rewired in many years.

Improve Superficial Defects

While small defects will not add value onto your property, they can prevent a buyer from offering the asking price. Don’t put buyers off and aim to resolve superficial defects as soon as possible. So, remove peeling paint, fix broken door latches, change loose tiles and add some oil to a squeaking door or window.

Install Double Glazed PVCu Windows

Did you know that double glazed PVCu windows can add a substantial amount of value onto a property? That’s because they are low maintenance, energy efficiency and secure. So, take your property’s price into your own hands and swap old windows for PVCu. You’ll be glad you did.

Transform Your Kitchen

The kitchen is the hub of the home. For this reason, you should create a design that potential buyers will remember long after they have attended a viewing. In addition to aesthetically-pleasing units and appliances, you should also create a shape that maximizes space, style and function. You can give your kitchen a new lease of life with new doors, a fresh worktop or by changing the tiling. Stuck for layout ideas? Simply consult a kitchen supplier for a design service, as they will have the knowledge and experience to utilize the room’s space.

Have you got any helpful tips for boosting the value of a property? Have you worked your way up the property ladder? Share your tips and stories in the below comment area.

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