Haitian President backs Paris climate accord, calls on UN to honor commitments on tackling cholera

Addressing the United Nations General Assembly yesterday, Jovenel Moise, President of Haiti, expressed deep commitment to the environmental targets in the global goals on sustainable development and said his island nation is seeking to build its resilience against the natural disasters and extreme weather events that consistently beleaguer its people and other countries in the Caribbean.

“My Government is committed to the Paris Agreement on climate change,” Mr. Moise told delegations gathered for the Assembly’s annual general debate, adding that he wished to see those countries most responsible for greenhouse gas production contribute the resources necessary for implementing that accord.

Haiti to activate defense force to respond to natural disasters

Haitian President Jovenel Moise asserted yesterday at the United Nations that a defense force specializing in responding to natural disasters will be activated after MINUSTAH leaves next month.

According to the president, the military institution would have as priorities the establishment of a unit capable of supporting the major infrastructure works following disasters and another aimed at training pilots and mechanics in aeronautics, given the valuable role of the aviation in such cases.

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