Not only do some of the biggest businesses in the world spend millions on new product ranges and inventions but they also spend millions on the architect to present their brand in-store. Ultimately, the architect of a store could prove to be the difference in terms of attracting new customers. If the exterior of a building looks fascinating, the chances are the inside will look the same and visitors will want to investigate. Let’s look at some of the most amazing architecture in some of the biggest stores in the world

Apple – New York

On the outside, you wouldn’t know the Apple store is an Apple store without the Apple logo – it’s just a 30-foot square glass cube sitting in the middle of New York. However, if the outside isn’t interesting enough, the inside is where the architects really went to work. The store is complimented with a huge 45-foot bar that’s used to help customers troubleshoot their Apple product issues. The design is modernized with the use of old wood and the store is accessed via marble steps. It is one of the most fascinating commercial store designs out there.

Uniqlo – London

The Uniqlo store was reopened on the streets of London last year and has since become a flagship store with six floors for consumers to sieve through. The fashion outlet looks like it should be in Star Trek thanks to its modernized tech design and its futuristic look is what interests visitors and increases their conversions – so the millions they’ve spent on the design has been worth every penny.  

Microsoft – New York

It seems New York is the place that’s complimented with a host of flagship store designs and Microsoft is one of them. The famous manufacturers base their latest product range on the other side of a glass facade that allows passersby to see what’s happening. The store is modern, attractive and, with two floors that are visible from the outside – it makes this Microsoft store their flagship design. They’ve invested millions in perfecting the experience for customers and it has paid dividends in furthering their brand exposure.

Dior – London

The Christian Dior outlet based in London takes modern architecture to a whole new level. The interior looks like a palace thanks to its white marble floors and chrome stair rails. Peter Marino, the well-known luxury architect, was the man behind this design – and he’s certainly done an incredible job with the resources he had. Dior is now benefitting from a huge influx of customers because of his creativity. Even if Dior isn’t a brand you’re fond of, visiting this store in the heart of London will make your jaw hit the floor.

The above architecturally amazing retail stores only scratch the surface in terms of flagship business outlets. If you’re interested in commercial architecture and you’re looking for more inspiration, look at this list of the top flagship stores in the world.   

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