Sadly, too many people are convicted of driving under the influence each and every year and some even ended in major tragedies. While every driver knows it is illegal to drive a vehicle while impaired by alcohol or drugs, the sad fact is that a great number of drivers imbibe to the point when rationale goes down the drain, literally!

If you have once been convicted of driving under the influence, your state may have legal requirements that will need to be complied with prior to reinstatement of your license. However, it is always your responsibility to use discretion, even if you think you are within legal limits. The following information should help prevent another conviction, or worse, a fatality due to drunk driving.

The Consequences of Drunk Driving

Consequences for drunk driving can loosely fall within two broad categories. The first is the legal consequences. Most drivers immediately think of the legal ramifications of a DUI, but as a human being, you should first think of the moral responsibility you carry as a driver. It is your duty to only get behind the wheel of a motor vehicle if your ability to drive is not impaired. That’s why there are laws. Too many people don’t seem to understand how their choices can affect the lives of others.

Devices Which Prevent Drunk Driving

It is a legal requirement in 25 states to use an ignition interlock system, which will prevent you from starting and driving a vehicle if you are over the legal limit for a breath analysis. However, not all ignition interlock breath analyzers are as accurate as they could, or should, be. Always make sure you have the most accurate ignition interlock installation so that you can be assured you will clearly pass a law enforcement breathalyzer if you are stopped in the course of driving. If you don’t use the breath analysis upon entering your car, you will not be able to start or drive your vehicle beyond a few minutes and your automobile will immediately power off.

That Added Bit of Reassurance

Yes, it is mandatory that you have an ignition interlock system by your state’s laws, but is it really accurate? Make sure your system surpasses legal requirements so that you can safely drive. Even more important than state laws is the safety of you, other drivers, pedestrians, and any passengers, animals or property. It’s the law, so follow it to the letter or reap the consequences. How would you feel if your actions seriously injured or even killed another human being?

Alongside the required SR-22 and safe driving classes, half of the states in this country now require an ignition interlock system as a legal prerequisite to reinstating a driver’s license. California is undergoing a pilot program in several of its larger counties and more states are in the process of legislating interlock requirements. It is important to understand that you must have one installed or lose your privilege to operate a motor vehicle. It’s really just that simple.

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