Haiti workers protest minimum wage as managers threaten exit

Hundreds of Haitian textile workers took to the streets on Monday to demand a higher minimum wage as managers of textile factories threatened to leave the country if the government did not clamp down on demonstrations.

On Monday, they marched across town from an industrial park near the airport to the Ministry of Social Affairs in downtown Port-au-Prince, singing and waving signs with slogans like “Long live the independent fight for factory workers.”

Workers in textile factories currently earn 300 Haitian gourdes ($4.77).

They are demanding a raise to 800 gourdes a day.

Haiti wants “worthy” partnership with the U.S.

Haiti’s new Defense Minister, Herve Denis says his country “is looking forward to a worthy US/Haiti partnership in various sectors with the goal of reinforcing our fragile democracy.”

“I am here today with a message of hope that the government of our new president Jovenel Moise will be able to work with the United States and others to firmly move Haiti towards the prosperity and security our people desperately need,” the minister said, assuring that the Government of Haiti will make every sacrifice to achieving this goal.

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