The U.N. Just Unanimously Voted to End Its Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti

The Security Council voted unanimously Thursday to end the U.N. peacekeeping mission in Haiti in mid-October after 13 years, sending a strong signal that the international community believes the impoverished Caribbean nation is stabilizing after successful elections.

Donors Shipping Meals to Feed Inmates at Dismal Haiti Lockup

A U.S. nonprofit says a collection of donors are shipping 23,000 meals to help feed inmates at Haiti’s largest lockup.

The HaitiChildren group says it was moved to organize food donations following publication of a February article by The Associated Press that revealed an upsurge of preventable deaths at the Port-au-Prince penitentiary due to rampant malnutrition as well as overcrowding and infectious diseases.

The first batch of food is currently being shipped to Haiti.

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