Hundreds of Haitian Women Claim to Have Been Raped By UN Peacekeepers

Since 2005, more than 500 women and girls from all over Haiti have been raped by UN Peacekeeping soldiers, from which a third of them are minors under 18. Several women claim they were forced to perform sexual relations in exchange for food and medicine.

Last month, a short documentary giving an insight into the stories of these women came out. Haiti By Force: UN Sex Abuse tells how these women, despite being afraid, want the United Nations and the world to know what they have suffered.

Haitians returned home after being abandoned in Nicaragua

Nicaragua has returned 11 Haitians, including five children, who were abandoned on a road near the seaside resort of La Boquita on Sunday after they attempted to enter the country illegally as part of their travel plans to reach the United States.

The authorities said that the smuggler, who is popularly known in Haiti as a “Coyote” had promised to lead the Haitians to the border with Honduras, but abandoned them before they were rescued by the police.

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