Haiti’s Senate Approves Prime Minister-Designate

Haiti’s prime minister-designate has cleared the first major hurdle toward reaching office.

Jack Guy Lafontant was approved early Thursday in the Senate by a vote of 20-0, with seven lawmakers abstaining. He still has to be approved by the lower house and its 119 members. A date has not been set for the balloting.

Price of Gas Increases In Haiti

The price of a gallon of propane gas went from 145 gourdes during the month of February 2017 to 154 gourdes at the moment.

The use of propane gas is increasingly seen in the metropolitan area of Port-au-Prince. At first, it was mainly the cooks who used it for cooking. Today, drivers follow suit.

Jean Bertand Aristide Declines Hearing Invite

Former President Jean Bertrand Aristide did not respond to an invitation of the examining magistrate, Jean Wilner Morin in a hearing about the money laundering case of former Haitian National Police Divisional Commissioner Jean Anthony Nazaire

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