By Haitian Times Editorial Staff

Council Member Mathieu Eugene formally launched a petition on Feb. 24 to urge President Donald Trump and the Department of Homeland Security to extend Haiti’s designation for Temporary Protected Status (TPS). The petition, which was launched on, is part of an ongoing effort by Council Member Eugene to alleviate the humanitarian crisis in Haiti while providing Haitians living abroad the opportunity to remain in a stable environment.

Over the past decade, Haiti has suffered from a number of natural disasters, including four horrific tropical storms in 2008, the devastating 2010 earthquake, and most recently a hurricane in 2016. This petition will urge the federal government to continue its support of the humanitarian relief mission to Haiti as the country continues to rebuild its socioeconomic infrastructure.

“Any country in the world, even a rich country, would find it difficult to recover after several natural disasters,” said Eugene. “I think it makes sense that we, as elected officials and concerned citizens, advocate and work together to insure that the American government and Homeland Security grants TPS to the Haitian people. This act will serve as an important gesture of goodwill and sympathy for Haiti as the country continues to recover and rebuild.”

The petition can be signed at

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