Doctors Without Borders Launch Distribution Campaign

Doctors Without Borders has launched a major distribution of building materials, hygiene kits, water storage equipment and purification tablets, blankets, and energy bars in Haiti’s most remote, mountainous southwestern region. Each of the 9,530 beneficiary families will also receive a set of 10 corrugated metal sheets, enough to rebuild a 130 square-foot roof that will improve the quality of shelters and help maintain a level of dignity.

38 Percent of Haitians Overweight

According to a new report by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations and the Pan American Health Organization, obesity has increased through Latin America.

In Haiti, the percentage is 38.5%, in Paraguay 48.50%, and in Nicaragua 49.4% of the population is overweight. The countries with the highest rates are Chile with 63%, Mexico 64% and the Bahamas 69%.

Obesity affects 23% of the regional population and the highest prevalence can be seen in all Caribbean countries : Bahamas 36.2%, Barbados 31.3%, Trinidad and Tobago 31.1% and Antigua and Barbuda 30.9%.

Haitian Students Demand Teachers Return To Classrooms, Clash With Police

Students say they will return to the streets on Tuesday demanding teachers report for work after they clashed with police who used teargas to defuse the situation on Monday.

The teachers, mainly in the Petit-Goâve area, have not been attending classes demanding the payment of arrears and letters of appointment. Some teachers have joined the strike in solidarity with their colleagues.

Haiti’s President-elect Under Investigation For Money Laundering Suspicions

President-elect Jovenel Moise is suspected of laundering millions of dollars through a local bank. A Haitian judge is investigating the matter after a report was filed by the government’s financial crimes unit.

Ten Haitian migrants found dead off Turks and Caicos

On Tuesday, 10 Haitian migrants were found dead in Turks and Caicos. A search for survivors will resume on Wednesday.

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