We’re seeing a positive trend of Haitians pursuing better careers and higher educations in recent years. The economy is supporting this new trend. It is also among the reasons why there are more Haitian workers across the United States, filling important positions in various fields and corporations.

This trend is also followed by an increase in distance learning program enrollments. More people than ever before are getting their bachelor’s and master’s degrees from top universities across the country; distance learning programs make it easy for you to pursue a degree of your choice without moving closer to the university or quitting your day job.

What is distance learning exactly?

Distance learning is very similar to conventional university courses. You take a particular course, complete the classes and pass exams in order to get a degree. The only difference is that you don’t have to attend physical classes to get through the course.

Instead, the classes are replaced by a comprehensive learning platform that can be accessed online. You will still be able to connect with lecturers, communicate with other course students and access all the study materials you need to complete the course.

For most people, online courses are more challenging as well as more flexible at the same time. With careful time management and a high level of commitment, passing the course should be a walk in the park.

Pursuing a Master’s Degree

One of the best ways to advance your career and achieve more is by getting a master’s degree. If you’ve been working as a registered nurse, for instance, you can pursue a master of science in nursing online. You can even enroll in top universities with great nursing programs. Bradley University, for instance, has an MSN program available to online students.

Upon enrolling in a masters of science in nursing degree program of your choice, update your CV and make sure the company you’re working for knows that you’re in the process of acquiring the degree. This will give you the much needed boost and can help you get promoted almost immediately.

A Set of Challenges to Overcome

As mentioned before, online courses are very flexible. You can study at your own time and complete the course even when you have a full-time job to keep. On the other hand, the extra flexibility also poses a set of challenges you need to overcome.

Recent studies suggest that over 40% of online students couldn’t complete their courses. Among the most popular reasons is a lack of commitment, failure to complete assignments and exams, and of course an inability to keep up with the course in general.

These challenges can be solved as long as you have the determination and commitment to complete the course and get the degree you have always wanted. It also helps to pick a program or a field you actually like, since it will help you stay motivated throughout the online program.

Many believe that this trend will continue and more Haitians will soon have their master’s degrees. There are more scholarship programs to support those in pursuit of a higher degree, too, which is good news.

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