“Can you cover for me?”

Do you always find yourself asking your friends this question whenever you’re at a restaurant? It’s one of the most humiliating and shameful experiences. You just got your paycheck on Friday, and it’s already gone. You are a responsible person, but you just can’t get your finances together. How do you get out of this seemingly never-ending cycle of paycheck-to-paycheck living?

Below are five golden rules which will help you get out of that rut. They have helped thousands of people around the world. Believe it or not, they are actually very simple, but these rules require dedication, commitment, work, and effort.


Golden Rule # 1: Give

Yes, you heard right. Give. In order to receive, you must give. You must have a generous heart and a wise mind. Always give 10% of your income to your church, or a charity in whose mission you’re passionate about.

Golden Rule #2: Save

This one is hard for most people. Every time they set money aside, it seems like they need to dip into it for “emergencies.” Those shoes, bags, or clothes on “sale” are not emergencies. Learn how to have self-control, and try to minimize your spending. You’re on a mission to combat paycheck-to-paycheck living. It is said that one should spend this month’s income next month. Try to build a savings of at least the same amount of your usual monthly income. This goal won’t happen overnight. It will not happen in one month. It can be accomplished in the course of a year or two. When you have a sizeable next egg, or an Emergency Fund, you won’t be afraid when a rainy day comes along. You’ll be able to cover some of the expenses.

Golden Rule #3: Open a “Fun Money” Account

If you like to shop, I highly suggest you open a Fun Money account. This is money that you set aside so that you can spend it on anything you want – whether it be restaurants, movies, electronics, clothes, shoes, etc. It will prevent you from constantly, dipping into your Emergency Fund.

Golden Rule #4: Grow your money.

Let your money work for you by investing it in companies which promise to be successful. Speak to a trustworthy financial advisoe on the best ways you can invest your money.

Golden Rule #5: Get a second job.

A city like NYC has a high cost of living, and most people not only have one source of income to stay alive, but they also have two, three, or even four jobs. If you want to get out of debt, you may have to get a second job. If that’s not possible, think about your God-given talents and skills. Are you good at art, writing, cooking, photography, etc.? What do you have in your hands? Be creative, and use what you have to help you get out of your situation. Don’t forget the previous four Golden Rules! In due time, you will get out of the poverty cycle and be able to not only support yourself, but also your family and those who are less fortunate.

Cindy Similien-Johnson

Cindy Similien-Johnson is the founder of CSJ Media Publishing, and author of the bestselling e-cookbook series and popular cooking classes, "Cook Like A Haitian." She's also the founder of the women empowerment grassroots initiative, Goal Chic.

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