By Lyzz Repa

There’s something about new money that is very similar to having coins in one’s purse. It is very loud, quite often annoying, goes all over the place but great to have either way. Coins often comes in handy. Yet it doesn’t take away from the fact that having loose change is a nuisance. You can never quite figure out how to use it properly; and that is exactly how I feel about (most) people with new money. They are loud, over the top, ostentatious and just annoying. Before we go any further let me put it out there that I am neither new nor old money. I am – no longer on my family’s payroll money, hard earned money, and comfortably living money. I also wouldn’t mind being labeled new money, however, I’d appreciate keeping my old values. Based off of that assessment I guess I’d much rather be “wealthy.”

There’s a change that occurs with new money that I can’t quite grasp. I am not sure if one’s bank account drastically changing burns a few brains cells or if one was always so darn ignorant but with money they no longer care for judgement. Whatever it is, the change happens more often than not and it is sad to see.

Recently, someone attending a First Communion approached me about a particular outfit they wanted to wear. I’d like to think they approached me because my sense of style is out of this world great! But more than likely they did because I seem to be more of the modest type. Little did they know then (they are well aware now) that was a false assessment. Wait, let me rephrase. They assumed I was more conservative than I look. Conservative is the word, not modest. Modest I am, always.

Anyway, the dress was beautiful. Red. Very tight with a wide and extremely low frontal cut. We decided that while the dress was beautiful the First Communion was probably not the best place to sport such a vixen outfit. Kim (the name I am giving her due to her fascination with Kim K.) took the outfit to the tailor and had the cut sown shut and added a beautiful coat on top. Very modest, if I may say so myself, and a bit conservative for Kim. Few days later I had the opportunity to see pictures of how it all turned out. Great. Kim was a hit. Normally, I’d take credit for something like this, but Kim reads this column and I don’t put it pass her to comment otherwise below. So I won’t. I don’t need to be checked, I can do so all on my own. *Lyzz, checked*

While discussing the event and looking at pictures, Kim asked a question that was odd. She wanted to know would I ever let my significant other come to a Baptism in jeans and sneakers. I paused prior to answering because I wasn’t quite sure if it was a trick question or if she was serious. Turns out she was serious, and it was base off of recent experiences. *Takes a deep breath to choose end of this column carefully* Per Kim two gentlemen had attended the event in jeans, Guiseppe Zanotti and Christian Louboutin sneakers. These men believed that name brands such as these and their new acquired fortune surpassed proper attire.

Since when does money excuse you from being presentable? Now, Mr. Trump’s net worth is estimated at over $8 billion. I have never seen this man in jeans (I’m sure he wears them). Now Trump isn’t my cup of tea, coffee, water, or even my type sour lemonade, let’s be clear – this is just an example. And Mr. Trump is known to most at this point. I am sure Trump would not show up to a Baptism or a wedding in jeans and Guiseppe sneakers. While money may open many doors, money does not excuse values. When did it become a crime to wear a simple suit and proper shoes? Funny thing is they could have ordered hard bottom shoes from either brand if that was what they really wanted to sport. But new money probably could not afford it.

Have you ever noticed how old money walks into a room but doesn’t make a sound, similar to paper money? Real quiet. Old money may be garish in certain areas of their life, let’s not be fooled here (Trump does own an over the top penthouse with loud furniture that can only be surpassed by his mouth. Both cringe worthy awful mess. The décor and his mouth, if that wasn’t clear). However, old money tends to blend. Please note that there are different levels to new money, every money had to be new at some point, and some people acquire it tastefully (please see Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey for reference).

So dear two silly gentlemen, next time you are invited to a suit and tie event please dress for the occasion. Wearing a nicely pressed suit actually brings the right kind of attention to you. If it is name brand that you are into get an Armani Suit. You can also get a well-tailored highly praised suit from Ron & Ron. People will know what you are wearing. Besides, money wears the kind of fashion that doesn’t need to be announced. Being flashy with the entry level of fashion name brand only makes people speak negatively of you. And if you’re special get a dishonorable mention on a column.

Please take heed gentlemen and new money. This is not a moment that you can just say – Whatever!

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