Haitians held following major drug bust

PORT AU PRINCE, Haiti (CMC) – Five Haitian men have been held following a drug bust on the island of Inagua late Saturday.

The police report that shortly after 7:00 pm (local time) officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit, assisted by international counterparts from the US Coast Guard and Drug Enforcement Administration, conducted a search of a Haiti freighter in Inagua where they uncovered 100 kilograms of cocaine.

The five men who were on board the vessel were held for questioning.

Former head of OAS Haiti special mission favors vote verification

The Antiguan diplomat who led an Organization of American States’ special mission to Haiti after the country’s delayed presidential runoff set off a constitutional crisis earlier this year says verifying the disputed elections is vital to avoiding a deepening political crisis, the Miami Herald reported.

“It is a necessary evil in order to have long-term peace,” Ronald Sanders told the Miami Herald in an exclusive interview. “The verification process must take place. There is an awful lot of suspicions that there was fraud in that election process, and it would not suit any government that is elected without a verification process because there would always be that suspicion.”

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