CEP facing “hurdles” in concluding Haiti elections

PORT-AU-PRINCE (AP) – The head of Haiti’s revamped electoral council said Tuesday that the nine-member body is facing numerous hurdles in concluding a troubled election cycle that began last year.

Council President Leopold Berlanger told reporters that organizers sworn in last week “inherited a crisis” and can’t issue a new electoral calendar until a slew of challenges are resolved. As part of their evaluation, the new electoral organizers are even trying to determine how much money remains to hold elections, he said.

On Tuesday, Berlanger said any verification of disputed results from electoral rounds last year would have to be authorized by a “political decision.” He said Haiti’s electoral organizers could not make a decision to verify votes disputed by political factions.

Little Haiti Cultural Center director abruptly fired 

Executive director of Miami’s Little Haiti Cultural Center was “abruptly” fired Monday afternoon. According to Sandy Dorsainvil, former director, she was given a termination letter signed by City Manager Daniel Alfonso, and was not given a reason for her termination.

“I don’t even really know what happened,” she said in an interview with the Miami Herald. In a statement, Alfonso said due to an “ongoing review” he was unable to comment on her firing.

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