New nonstop flights from Miami to Haiti

Dutch Caribbean carrier InselAir has returned with its nonstop flights from Miami to Haiti, Caribbean Journal reported.

The flights will be operated on a McDonnell Douglas aircraft four times each week on Sundays, Mondays, Thursdays and Fridays.

The Miami-Port-au-Prince flight, which takes around 2 hours, will include economy and “comfort class” service.

“InselAir will serve the Haitian community 4 times per week, offering a convenient flight schedule, non-stop service, competitive fares and warm and friendly staff,” according to Edward Heerenveen, Chief General and International Affairs of InselAir. ‘We are committed and dedicated to make this route successful and we are looking forward to serve the Haitian market.”

International organizations reducing aid to Haiti

In a radio interview, interim President Jocelerme Privert stated “all non-humanitarian funding is blocked” because of International Monetary Fund (IMF) payment delays. According to the IMF, disbursements have been delayed because “the political transition in Haiti has taken longer than expected.”

The Fund said it hoped the “conditions [for reengaging] can be put into place as soon as possible.”

Haiti’s new interim prime minister vows elections ‘as soon as possible’

(REUTERS) – Haiti will hold elections as soon as possible, new interim Prime Minister Enex Jean-Charles said on Friday, but he could not guarantee that an April 24 deadline could be met for the presidential vote that has already been postponed three times.

Haiti’s legislative body approved Jean-Charles’s government overnight, a step toward organizing the elections, after violent protests earlier in the year left the country without an elected president.

Legislators rejected the government program proposed by the previous interim prime minister, forcing him to step down, delaying the election process and raising questions as to whether President Jocelerme Privert would be able to hand over to an elected successor by a May deadline.

“We’ll do all we can to have a new elected president as soon as we possibly can,” Jean-Charles, a veteran of Haitian politics who has served as an aide to several presidents, told Reuters.

“But it will be up to the new electoral council, following a technical assessment of what remains to be done, to determine whether the April 24 deadline can be met or not.”

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