BROOKLYN, (KINGS COUNTY POLITICS NEWS SERVICE) – A measure (554-A) that Haitian American Flatbush City Council Member Mathieu Eugene sponsored that would bring together several city agencies under a coordinator to identify runaway, homeless or sexually exploited youth and connect them with appropriate services passed the City Council yesterday.

Under the legislation, the Mayor’s office will appoint the coordinator, who will work with the Administration for Children’s Services, the Department of Parks and Recreation, the Department of Homeless Services, and the Human Resources Administration/Department of Social Services to determine the employees who are in contact with youth and best suited to receive the training. The coordinator will also be responsible for outreach efforts to other entities including, but not limited to, the Department of Education, Police Department, Department of Probation, health clinics, libraries and hospitals.

“As we all know, runaway and homeless youth experience life-threatening situations on our streets.  To address this unfortunate reality, I introduced Intro. 554-A, which requires City agencies to properly identify young people who are interacting with them, and send them to places where they can be provided with services that are appropriate to their needs.  As the Chairman of the Youth Services Committee, I firmly believe that we as a City should do everything possible to fulfill the needs of our young people, especially those who are the most vulnerable members of our society, and this legislation will have an immediate and positive impact on their lives,” said Eugene.

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