Death toll rises in Hinche gas station explosion

Twelve victims are confirmed dead following the Mar. 17 explosion at a Hinche gas station. The initial death toll was seven. More than 30 victims sustained severe injuries during the fire. The incident occurred when a tanker trunk hit a wall and spilled fuel while preparing to unload at a Total service station.

42 percent of Haitian population has no access to drinking water

Forty-two percent of the Haitian population lacks access to safe drinking water, the United Nations reported on Tuesday. Due to limited access to clean water, 7.6 million Haitians are susceptible to waterborne diseases. Water scarcity and water-borne diseases are among the leading causes of death in Haiti.

Universal access to drinking water and sanitation is a critical development challenge in Haiti, United Nations Country Team and MINUSTAH said. Women, girls and children are most affected by lack of access to clean water, where about 56 percent of the population needs more than 30 minutes walk to get water — a task led predominantly led by children and women.

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