Cholera deaths in Haiti could far exceed official count

PORT-AU-PRINCE — Deaths from the cholera epidemic that ravaged Haiti after the 2010 earthquake could be much higher than the 9,200 officially tallied so far because of underreporting during the initial outbreak, a new study suggests, the New York Times reported.

The study, by Doctors Without Borders, found that incomplete surveillance and data collection, overwhelmed health clinics, the rapid spread of the disease and cholera’s ability to kill quickly contributed to what appears to have been a drastic understating of the death toll.

In some areas, the number of deaths may have been as much as 10 times as high as that reported to the Haitian government, which derived its statistics largely from mortality information supplied by clinics and hospitals.

UN Security Council calls on Haiti to complete elections without further delay

NEW YORK — Deeply concerned by the continued suspension of electoral rounds in Haiti, the United Nations Security Council on Friday called for the completion of the polling cycle without further delay to allow the Haitian people the opportunity to vote for their elected representatives in a free, fair, inclusive and transparent contest.

In a statement to the press, the Council noted the 5 February political accord, which provided a Haitian-led and owned road map for the swift conclusion of the current electoral cycle and strongly urged all relevant actors to adhere to the accord and implement its provisions within the agreed timeline, and underscored the importance of formally reinstituting the Provisional Electoral Council in this regard.

Bridge collapse on Rivière Grise

PORT-AU-PRINCE — The bridge connecting Cité soleil to the National Highway #1, partially collapsed, while a dump truck carrying gravel passed over the bridge. The bridge can hold a maximum load of 20 tons. No casualties were reported. 

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