Continued dialogue with D.R. needed, Haiti president says

The only thing that guarantees a harmonious coexistence with the Dominican Republic is continued dialogue, President Jocelerme Privert said in a recent interview.

“It is through dialogue and understanding we can find any solution,” Privert said. “We share the same island and similar situations. We must be in harmony. There’s no other way to live.” Privert also shared his thoughts on the Dominican Republic’s immigration policy saying he “respects the law.”

“I respect the law and the constitution of a country, in the same way that I respect the rights of people living in my country, as I respect the rights of citizens living in both parts of the island,” he said. Privert promised “work and hope” for all Haitians living abroad who return to the country.

New list of Ministers released

Arnoux Severin, Minister of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Rural Development 

Enex Jean-Charles, Minister of Planning and External Cooperation

Ericq Pierre, Foreign Minister and Minister of Haitians Living Abroad

Daphne Benoit Delsoin, Health Minister Public and Population

Didier Hyppolite, Minister of Tourism

Florence Elie,  Minister of Justice and Public Security

Jacques Evelt Eveillard,  Minister of Public Works, Transportation and Communications

Jean René Antoine Nicolas, Minister of Social Affairs and Labour

Jessy C.Petit-Frère, Minister of Commerce and Industry

Marcus Aurelius Garcia,  Minister of Culture and Communication 

Marie Denise Claude, Minister for Condition and women’s Rights 

Simon Dieuseul Desras, Minister of Environment 

Romain Yves Bastien, Minister of Economy and Finance

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