Man finds used notebook after searching through trash pile.

There is no way to properly dispose of trash in Haiti. Although naturally a beautiful island, with majestic mountains from all points of views, its beauty is overshadowed by the piles of trash that consume even the best of neighborhoods. The improper disposal of trash has serious health and environmental consequences for those forced to live among it.

These photos were taken in downtown Port-au-Prince and various surrounding neighborhoods. Before the Haitian government can promote tourism and invite investors to the country, the streets need to be cleaned up, especially in the capital city.

A contributing factor to this unsanitary plague is that the city that was built for 200,000 people, is now home to more than 2 million. Decentralizing Port-au-Prince is one of the first steps to increasing the quality of life for Haiti’s people.

Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

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