“Commercial reasons” halt direct Dominican-Haiti flights

Direct commercial flights between the Dominican Republic and Haiti were temporarily suspended Wednesday, sources close to the carriers and route operators MAS and Sunrise Airways, Spanish international news agency, EFE reports.

The sources didn’t provide details on the suspension but told EFE that executives traveled to Haiti’s capital Port-au-Prince to seek a quick solution

However other EFE source says the suspension stems from “purely commercial” reasons since private flights continue and “have no trouble taking off and landing in Haiti.”

UN condemns Haiti prison overcrowding, conditions

(AFP) – A UN human rights expert on Tuesday condemned overcrowding at Haitian prisons and the slow pace of the country’s legal system that has left many suspects awaiting court dates languishing behind bars.

Prisons in Haiti are packed to more than 450 percent of capacity, according to the International Center for Prison Studies, one of the highest rates of overcrowding in the world.

Gustavo Gallon, an independent UN expert on human rights in Haiti, said he met a prisoner who has been jailed since December 2012.

“Human rights violations are repeated every day,” Gallon said, adding, “These problems should have been solved long ago.”

DHL launches new service in Haiti

DHL Express is launching Express Easy in Haiti. The new service brings simple, all-inclusive  rates to international shipping and gives walk-in customers access to  lower prices from the standard DHL Express Worldwide service.

“Haitians who regularly receive remittances from relatives living abroad are always looking for the best ways to send gifts to their loved ones as a gesture of appreciation,” said Jean-Paul Faubert, Country Manager for DHL Express Haiti. ” DHL is excited to be able to bring a service like this to such a globally diverse market,”

Each box used for shipping DHL Express Easy, is sold as a one-piece shipment and comes with a pre-defined maximum weight and a simple rate based on the shipment’s destination.

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