Digicel inaugurates five schools

The Digicel Foundation inaugurated five schools as part of their push to contribute to improving the quality of education in Haiti.

“Every school opening is a proud moment for the Foundation, we not only offer a suitable and safe environment to hundreds of children, but we allow communities to strengthen,”Sophia Stransky, the Executive Director of the Digicel Foundation said. “These new inaugurations bring the number of schools projects already completed by the Digicel Foundation to 158 throughout the national territory, we are on track to achieve our goal of reaching 175 construction projects in Haiti by December 2016 ”

22 dead due to alcohol poisoning 

The minister of public health is warning the public to be “vigilant” with alcohol after twenty-two people died due to alcohol poisoning.

We urge “the public to to be extremely vigilant” following 22 deaths in Port-au-Prince after ingesting alcohol that had been tampered with, Director General of the Ministry of Public Health and Population Dr. Georges Dubuche said. Samples have been taken from the bottles of alcohol in question for testing.

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