Mirlande Manigat proposed as prime minister

Mirlande Manigat, who originally placed second after Jude Celestin in the 2011 elections, was proposed as a pick for prime minister following a meeting with interim President Jocelerme Privert, and other leaders on Tuesday to discuss the first steps in forming a consensus government.

Presidential candidate Andre Michel, who was among those in the meeting, recommended Manigat to the post of prime minister. Manigat has not decided whether or not she will consider taking the position if offered by the president.

Clifford Brandt trial postponed for third time

Accused kidnapper Clifford Brandt’s trial has been postponed for a third time following missed appearances in court and “logistical problems” on Jan. 28 and Feb. 15. The trial will now begin Feb.23.

Organization seeks improved access for disabled people 

The National Coalition of Organizations for the Integration of Disabled People (CONOIPH) accused several institutions in the country of discrimination against disabled Haitians.

“We want to work, to our knowledge for the benefit of the Haitian people and also go to school,” CONOIPH said. “The members of this coalition crave the quick help of the Haitian government and seek a radical change for all disabled and full accessibility of society.”

The organization is calling for state institutions and transport services to develop their facilities so they can be accessible to the disabled.

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