Haitian Democracy Activist Patrick Elie Dies at 66

Patrick Elie, longtime pro-democracy activist and Haiti’s former secretary of state for public security under Aristide. Elie died of internal bleeding at a hospital in Port-au-Prince on Friday. He was 66.

‘We’re back’ – Aristide allies toast Haiti’s interim president at palace

PORT-AU-PRINCE (REUTERS) – Factions of Aristide’s Lavalas movement were heavily represented at the ceremony for President Jocelerme Privert, 63, at Haiti’s national palace, which some had not visited since the ex-president was toppled 12 years ago.

“The last time I came to the palace was in 2003 when President Aristide was in power,” said Ores Nixon, a street activist with a Lavalas splinter party who lives in the Bel Air slum in the capital, Port-Au-Prince.

“Now look at me, inside the national palace with a glass of champagne, celebrating the inauguration of our President Jocelerme Privert,” he said.

“Our presence here means Lavalas and Aristide are back in the palace. We are back in power and we won’t let it go,” said Lavalas supporter Clausel Romey.

UN welcomes election of provisional President

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, as well as the UN and its partners in Haiti, have welcomed the 14 February election by the Haitian National Assembly of Jocelerme Privert as the island nation’s interim President, one week after the departure of former President Michel Martelly.

“This election stems from the agreement signed on 6 February between Haitian stakeholders to preserve institutional continuity and further the electoral process,” said a statement issued by Mr. Ban’s spokesperson.

Welcoming this crucial first step, the Secretary-General encouraged all parties to work together towards the implementation of the roadmap contained in the agreement to ensure the return to constitutional normality.

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