President Michel Martelly attacks critics in new carnival song

President Michel Martelly has found musical success once again with a new Carnival song attacking his critics, amid a political crisis that has the country by the reigns. The song, B’al Bannan Nan (Give Her the Banana), speaks directly to well-known, Haitian journalist Liliane Pierre-Paul. The song is filled sexual references and double entendres.

The title of the song is seemingly inspired by Jovenel Moise’s campaign slogan, Neg Bannan (The Banana Man). In 24 hours, the song has received 100,000 plays online.

Haiti opposition refuses to meet with OAS

The opposition alliance consisting of Jude Celestin and seven other candidates are refusing to meet with representatives from the Organization of American States (OAS). The representatives travelled to Haiti to “help ease a political crisis that has postponed elections indefinitely.”

“The OAS doesn’t help Haiti come out of crisis,” Samuel Madistin, spokesman for the G8 opposition alliance. “They create more crisis.’

They are “not welcomed” and are “unable to play any role as a mediator.”

Prime Minister Evans Paul suspected to resign in coming hours

Prime Minister Evans Paul may resign in coming hours as part of a global agreement between President Michel Martelly and the two Houses of Parliament. Under the terms of the agreement, Paul’s resignation would support the appointment of a new consensus prime minister and facilitate Martello’s departure.

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