OAS authorizes special mission to Haiti

The Organization of American States (OAS) authorized a special mission to Haiti to help the country find a solution to the current political crisis and set a new date for the runoff. Washington officials reached a consensus on sending the mission to resolve the stalemate, considering President Michel Martelly will leave office in 10 days.

CEP president asked to resign

Pierre Louis Opont, president of the Provisional Electoral Council, was sent a letter by the Private Sector Economic Forum on Wednesday, requesting his resignation. In a letter signed by coordinator Gregory Brand, Opont was asked to “resign from office in order to enable the nation to find a way out of the current crisis.”

“While thanking you for your availability and for your efforts to complete this difficult mission and serving the best interests of the country, the Economic Forum Private Sector hereby request that you please well resign your duties, to allowing the nation to find a solution to the current crisis, the note continues.”

Clifford Brandt trial to start tomorrow

Clifford Brandt’s trial will start tomorrow over his alleged involvement in the October 2012 kidnapping of Coralie and Nicolas Moscoso. The kidnapping victims are members of a wealthy bourgeois family in Haiti that operate Sogebank. Brandt was arrested on Oct. 22, 2012 by the Haitian National Police.

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