Presidential runoff election postponed

Haiti’s Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) announced Friday they were postponing the runoff scheduled to take place yesterday due to safety concerns.CEP has not issued a new date for the already twice-postponed elections.  President Michel Martelly is required by the constitution to leave office by Feb. 7, however has said that he will only hand over power to an elected president.

U.S. State Department issues statement on Haiti elections

The State Department issued the following statement on Sunday, Jan. 24:

“Electoral intimidation, destruction of property, and violence are unacceptable, and run counter to Haiti’s democratic principles and laws as well as the values expressed in the Inter American Democratic Charter. The United States, along with the international community in Haiti, urges the Government of Haiti, its institutions, and political actors alike to reject violence and take all steps necessary to pave the way for a peaceful election for a new president and the remaining Parliamentary seats as is constitutionally mandated. As in the past, the United States is taking great interest in how elections in Haiti are unfolding and expects that persons responsible for organizing, financing, or participating in electoral intimidation and violence will be held accountable in accordance with Haitian law.

The United States reaffirms its support for credible, transparent, and secure elections that reflect the will of the Haitian people.”

Haiti protesters calling for Martelly to step down immediately

A day after protesting to have the presidential elections postponed, opposition supporters are now calling for the immediate departure of President Michel Martelly. With only two weeks left in office, Martelly is now the central focus of a growing political stalemate that threatens national security.

Ready for war, former Haiti coup leader says

Guy Phillipe, a former coup leader wanted in the United States for alleged cocaine smuggling, called on his supporters Sunday to fight against “anarchists” who forced the postponement of the Jan. 24. runoff elections.

Phillips called for counter opposition protests and said he would not recognize any transitional government after President Michel Martelly leaves office.

“We are ready for war,” Philippe said. “We will divide the country.”

CEP officials resign

Two members of the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) resigned Friday. Councilman Jacques Joseph submitted his letter to President Michel Martelly, which read because of “deep convictions” he could not be an “accomplice of elections stained by a deficit in credibility, which will necessarily generate political instability, as well as illegitimate political leaders.”

The second resignation came from CEP vice president, Pierre Manigat Jr,, who said his decision was based on the  “disasters the elections could generate” if maintained.

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