Runoff will take place as scheduled, Martelly says

President Michel Martelly insisted Thursday that the presidential runoff will take place as scheduled this coming Sunday. The outgoing president believes the oppositions has been attempting to derail the vote so a transitional government can be set up, which would be run by them.

Jude Celestin has been pushing for a transitional government, but has not answered questions on who would lead it and for how long

“They want to take power but not through elections,” said Martelly,

President Martelly urges Haitians to go to polls on Sunday

President Michel Martelly is urging all Haitians to head to the polls on Sunday despite worries over violence.

“Wake up early to go vote for the person who you want, the person whom you think can better represent you, the person who can make the country work,” Martelly said in a national address on state-owned Radio Television Nationale d’Haiti on Thursday evening. “No one can stop anyone from going to vote to fulfill their civic duty.”

Royal Caribbean cancels second port stop in Haiti

Royal Caribbean announced that it is canceling a second port stop, this time by the Navigator of the Seas, at it’s “private destination” in Labadee, Haiti.

“Royal Caribbean has not received any guarantees or assurances that there will not be any protests in the future. If a protest takes place while a ship is port, there would be a significant impact on our guests’ ability to enjoy Labadee, or we may have to cancel the visit completely.”

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