The CEP adopts the majority of the Commission’s recommendations

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) is adopting a majority of the recommendations issued by the Independent Electoral Evaluation Commission and electoral observers to ensure a smoother process on the Jan.24 elections. People will only be able to vote at their registered polling stations. Other changes include the replacement of some polling station officials and presidential candidates will be allowed to appoint two representatives to monitor the tabulation center. Election staff will undergo improved training, while a list of accreditation criteria for observation groups will be published before election day,

Bill Clinton issues statement on sixth anniversary of earthquake in Haiti

“Six years ago, over 200,000 Haitians were killed in the devastating earthquake, and countless more were displaced from their homes, loved ones, and support systems,” former president Bill Clinton said. “I am deeply grateful to the many partners within Haiti and around the world — including through the Clinton Foundation and Clinton Global Initiative — who have remained steadfast in their dedication to the rebuilding effort, often in the face of considerable challenges. Together, Haitians and their partners are working today to create jobs, grow small businesses, revitalize Haiti’s once-vibrant agricultural sector, and protect the environment.

“Much remains to be done, but I continue to believe that Haiti has a bright future, and will continue to do what I can to support the resilient Haitian people as they build the country they envision.”

OAS urges Jude Celestin to participate in Jan. 24 elections

Given that the Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) has adopted most of the recommendations by the Independent Electoral Commission of Evaluation, the Organization of American States (OAS) is urging for Jude Celestin to participate in the upcoming election.

The implementation of the recommendations by the CEP aims to “provide all stakeholders better guarantees in anticipation of the second round of presidential elections,” OAS said. “The completion of a successful electoral process is not only the responsibility of the CEP and the government, but also of candidates, political parties, and Haitian citizens.”

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