G8 calls for CEP resignation

Opposition alliance the G8 is calling for the resignation of the Provisional Electoral Council and the establishment of a “provisional government” that will be responsible for making arranging the electoral process in a “transparent manner.” Their request comes on the heels of a report released by an independent review commission that confirms voter irregularities during the Oct. 25 elections.

European Union reaffirms support of Haiti elections

The European Union is determined in its continued support of the electoral process, the international body said through its Election Observation Mission. They have taken note of the report and suggestions made by the Independent Electoral Commission of Evaluation, yet urge the process move along to ensure the elections take place in a timely manner.

LAPEH disproves of election date change

Jude Celestin’s party, the Alternative League for Progress and the Haitian Empowerment (LAPEH), disproves of the election date change by the Provisional Electoral Council. The runoff election was iniatially to take place on Jan. 17, however after concerns were raised about the short amount of time to prepare, the decision was made to postpone the last round to Jan. 24.

Teachers to strike

National public school teachers in Haiti’s announced plans to strike on Jan. 14 and Jan. 15 following a meeting with union and education ministry officials. Union officials are calling for an increase in salary and back wages they are due. They criticized President Michel Martelly for the alleged $20,000 a day he earns compared to the salary of 11,000 Haitian gourdes teachers receive.

They stressed that purchasing power has decreased significantly because of the low value of the Haitian gourdes compared to U.S. dollar.

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