Runoff date set after delayed election

The postponed presidential runoff election will take place on Jan. 17, more than two weeks late, Haitian President Michel Martelly announced. He encouraged Haitians “to vote en masse, like they should for the person who best represents them.”

The Provisional Electoral Council (CEP) had sent a letter to Martelly warning him that if a runoff was not held by Jan. 17 the latest, he would be violating the constitutional mandate. The Dec. 27 runoff was delayed after several allegations of fraud surfaced.

Haiti election marred by fraud report confirms

Haiti’s first round of elections were “marred” by fraud, confirming allegations made by opposition forces, an independent panel said in a report released Sunday.

The work done by the Provisional Electoral Council was “sloppy and led to many irregularities,” the panel said. Sixty percent of polling staffers were “unable to do their work properly.”

“There were also votes crossed out, as well as math or tallying problems.”

King Mohammed VI of Morocco congratulates Haiti on independence anniversary

King Mohammed VI of Morocco congratulated President Michel Martelly on Haiti’s 212th anniversary of independence. He sent his best wishes of “health, happiness and prosperity” to the people of Haiti.

The Sovereign takes this opportunity to express his “pride of distinguished bonds of friendship, of active solidarity and fruitful cooperation between the two countries,” reaffirming to the Haitian Head of State “his determination to continue to work jointly with him to strengthen them further and this, for the good of the friendly peoples and to contribute to the development of South-South cooperation.”

98 percent of cholera cases in Americas are in Haiti

Haiti accounts for 98 percent of the cholera cases in the Americas, according to data released from the 48th epidemiological week. Nearly 31,000 cases of cholera has been recorded in the Americas, with Haiti accounting for about 30,000 of the cases, Dominican Republic with 509 and Cuba 65.

Since the beginning of the epidemic, which started in October 2010, there has been more than 750,000 cases in Haiti and a little over 9,000 deaths.

Bilateral Cooperation Agreement signed 

A bilateral agreement was signed between the president of the National Confederation of Dominican Workers, the secretary general of the General Independent Organization of Workers, of Haiti, and “Alas de Igualdad” to promote cooperation between Haiti and the Dominican Republic.

“Comisión Sindical Bilateral Dominico Haitiana de Cooperación y Desarrollo” will develop proposals and lobby for policies that promote binational relationships that are conducive to both countries’ development.

Moderate quake felt in Haiti 

A moderate earthquake hit the Dominican Republic on Saturday and was felt in the Northeast region of Haiti causing some disturbances and panic. Residents in Ouanaminthe fled their homes in confusion, reminiscing of the 2010 earthquake.

The earthquake registered 4.5 on the Richter scale.

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