Dear friends,

Thank you for those of you who have subscribed to Haitian Times since we’ve changed to a paid platform. We are happy to see that the community values the work that we do.

As the year comes to an end, we are reminded of the successes we’ve had this past year. We’ve added multimedia reporters to our to team to bring you high-quality video reports, a Haiti correspondent to deliver you the daily morning news roundup, additional correspondents to delve more in depth to New York’s political and social scene, and a columnist to provide commentary on news that affects our community.

We are also reminded of the goals we wish to accomplish for 2016; mainly, bringing quality journalism that covers every facet of our community throughout the Diaspora. In 2016 we are focused on bringing more coverage out of growing Haitian communities in South Florida, Boston, Atlanta and Washington D.C. as well as expanded coverage in Haiti.

It’s been 16 years since we’ve printed the first edition of the Haitian Times, and over the years, the publication has remained a constant source in the community for reliable and professional news for the Haitian Diaspora.

For many of you, the publication holds a nostalgic place in your hearts – a reminder of a time when we all had a vested interest in communicating not only to outsiders, but to ourselves the accomplishments of our people, and the work we are doing to strengthen our neighborhoods. For others, the publication is a breath of fresh air in this new landscape of digital media, where Haitian Times is able to keep up and excel in this new platform.

However, we cannot do this alone.

Just as we are committed to the community and its growth, we ask that you too show your commitment by subscribing to Haitian Times. For $52, which equals to $1 per week, subscribers have unlimited access to the site, and will also receive discounts to partner professional organizations and free and discounted entry to Haitian Times and our partners’ events.

A full calendar of events will be released in January 2016.

Strong newspapers are the bedrock of a great community and a pillar of community building. We ask for your support and are hopeful that you will join us in this adventure to help keep the Haitian community a strong and sophisticated one



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