Delta Cancels Service From New York To Haiti

By Vania Andre

Beginning March 29, Delta will no longer provide daily service from New York’s John F. Kennedy (JFK) airport to Port-au-Prince, the Atlanta-based carrier confirmed to Haitian Times on Friday. Saturday service will continue until April 25.


New York Dominicans Protest Haitian Deportations

Dominican American protesting against controversial DR immigration policy. Photo Credit: Carlotta Mohamed

By Vania Andre

New York’s Dominican community came out in a show of solidarity on Wednesday to protest the planned deportations of tens of thousands of Dominico-Haitians from the Dominican Republic.


NYU Offers Manhattan Students Haitian Creole

Ayanna Legros receiving instruction from Professor Wynnie Lamour. Photo credit: Maya Earls

By Maya Earls

On an overcast Monday, nine students offered a cheerful, “Bonjou” as they passed their professor. Each student found a chair around a long wooden table and opened his or her textbook to the previous night’s assignments. From the outside, the Haitian Creole class appeared like any other college course. However, with this fall being the first time New York University (NYU) offered the language, every class meeting was an experiment.


The Forgotten Occupation: Remembering the U.S. Invasion of Haiti

By Vania Andre

When the United States invaded Haiti a century ago, the idea was to rebuild and turn the troubled Caribbean nation into a “model” nation, said Alain Martin, director and writer of the documentary film, “The Forgotten Occupation.”

“They assumed we were savages, “ said Martin.


What If I Told You That Tourism May Be Bad For Haiti?

Photo credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

By Esther “EJ” Dupervil

In the debate on whether or not tourism is good for developing countries, I find myself siding with the argument that it may not be the best way to realize true development.


A Second Chance On Immigration

By Nadine C.

When discussing immigration in America, most automatically think of those from the Spanish-speaking community. The face of the immigration debate in America is often times a Latino, mainly because of Mexico’s proximity to America. However, there are additional stories to be told, including that of the Haitian community in different states across the country.


Dominican Republic New Citizenship Law: A Litmus Test For The Haitian Government

By Ed Gehy

The Haitian-Dominican problem did not start yesterday; thus no viable solution can be found overnight. Haiti shares the same island with Dominican Republic; but relations between the two countries have never been more strained in recent history than they are now.


Why is Cuba Spotless, While Haiti is Dirty?

Havana, Cuba Photo Credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

By Garry Pierre-Pierre

Editor’s Note, this is the first of three-part series comparing Cuba with Haiti

HAVANA, Cuba – The first thing I noticed when I landed at the airport in Cuba is the ubiquity of the 1950s American-made cars. Then I quickly realized how clean the air and ocean is, and how the streets are void of trash.  The place is spotless and even in the countryside, peasants have trash disposals to ensure that towns are not overran with garbage.


Bronx Dominicans Protest Mass Deportation of Dominico-Haitians

By Carlotta Mohamed

Organizers protested the deportations of Dominico-Haitians from the Dominican Republic Saturday afternoon in the Bronx, raising awareness in the New York Dominican community.


OP-ED: An Open Letter to the Red Cross

By Bertrhude Albert

Dear American Red Cross,

Maybe it’s best for us to part ways. On behalf of Haitians, Haitian-Americans, and Haitians by Association who are actively working towards the development of our country, I think it’s safe to say that your development efforts are not needed in Haiti anymore. Let me explain.


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