Compiled by Rachele Viard

230 young professionals receive toolkits

Thanks to a partnership between the Salesian Missions and Self Help Assistance Program (ASAP), over 230 graduates of Salesian vocational training schools in Fort-Liberté, Cap-Haitien, Les Cayes, and Port-au-Prince, received tool kits after successfully completing a training program in restoration, woodworking, agriculture, health, information technology, plumbing, electricity, or hotel management.

Upon graduation, these students did not have the financial means to purchase the tools they needed in order to secure employment. The new partnership with ASAP facilitates their ability to secure a job and break the cycle of poverty. ASAP, which operates from Peachtree City, Georgia, receives tool donations where volunteers fix the used tools and pack all the tools, which are sent to vocational training programs in Haiti.

The Grenadiers regroup in Florida

In preparation for their upcoming match on Jan. 8, the National Haitian Soccer Team, the Grenadiers, regrouped in Florida to train. The playoff match against Trinidad and Tobago is part of the 2016 Centennial Copa America men’s soccer tournament.

Nine goalkeepers left Port-au-Prince for Florida to take part in intensive training, which will be led by Wilner Etienne, the national technical director. The 14 players have been housed at the IMG Academy. Other national players will join them in order to prepare for the match.

The G8 declines invitation from the Electoral Evaluation Commission

The Electoral Evaluation Commission was established at the request of Jude Célestin, a member of the G8, as a condition for him to remain in the electoral race. The Commission invited the G8 to a meeting, which was scheduled to take place on Sunday, Dec. 27 at Kinam Hotel. However, in a correspondence dated Saturday, Dec. 26, signed by Jean Henry Céant, the G8 has declined the invitation and asked that new preconditions be met prior to any meeting.

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