Compiled by Rachele Viard

The Electoral Evaluation Commission full at work

The Electoral Evaluation Commission has begun work on defining a methodology and establishing an electoral calendar based on the understanding of the mandate and terms of reference, Pastor Armand Louis, coordinator of the Commission said.

The Commission is meeting with stakeholders implicated in the Oct. 25 electoral process. They will also ascertain and analyze available information and will also head to the Vote Tabulation enter to verify certain data and information. The commission reiterated its determination to conduct independently and without partiality the electoral evaluation process in order for the process to be transparent.

Message from the Episcopal Conference of Haiti

Bishops attending the Episcopal Conference of Haiti, which began on Dec. 8 and will conclude on November 20, 2016, imparted spiritual and pastoral guidelines to help everyone live this Jubilee.

The Episcopal Conference provides guidelines to live the Jubilee

The Bishops of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti (CEH in French) provide spiritual and pastoral guidelines in order to help believers to live the Jubilee of Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis. It began on December 8th and will culminate on November 20, 2106.

[…] Us, the Catholic Bishops of the Church of Haiti, Pastors of a people faced with so much suffering and misery …, we want everything to be done to allow the celebration of the Holy Year of Mercy in Haiti to be for everyone, believers and non-believers, a real moment of personal encounter with God’s mercy. We desire that the extraordinary Jubilee of Mercy be a living experience of God’s proximity who is a ‘Merciful’ Father”. It allows us to touch with a finger its tenderness, to restore hope and courage to all those tempted by despair and discouragement, especially the poorest, ‘life’s wounded’, the excluded of our society. […]

[…] To you all, we make a vow to live with joy this Christmas season, and to welcome in peace, serenity and trust, the Mercy of God throughout the Year 2016!”

Born into a Haitian family in Stone Mountain GA. , Rachele visited Haiti several times in her youth and connected to the country and the culture. She moved to Haiti in 2009, where she put her English degree to use as a writer, using her voice and pen to promote tourism in the country and highlight the richness of the Haitian culture and people.

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