Compiled by Rachele Viard

Camille Charlmers reacts to electoral evaluation commission

Professor Camille Chalmers, president of the Haitian Platform Advocating for an Alternative Development, stated on Dec. 23 in an exclusive interview with HPN that he was pessimistic about the possibilities of finding a solution to the electoral crisis through the Electoral Evaluation Commission, which was established on Nov. 22

“This is a presidential commission, “he said. “None of the stakeholders were involved in the process.”  He also mentioned that the role of the commission was not clearly delineated and that the timeline allotted to produce their final report – Dec. 30. — is not realistic.

Two memorandums of understanding signed

On Tuesday, Dec. 22, two memorandums of understanding were signed between the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, the Société Financière Haïtienne de Développement S.A. (SOFIHDES) and the Banque de l’Union Haïtienne S.A (BUH).

“A budget of over 12 million gourdes will be made available to BUH to establish a credit department for small and medium enterprises,” said Jude Hervey Day, Minister of Commerce and Industry (MCI), who also noted that this support was within the framework of a funding agreement with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

This support with SOFIFHES will enable the institution to better meet the needs of these enterprises.  Minister Day also informed that they were in talks with other financial institution, who are prepared to accompany small and medium companies.

The United Nations encourages the identification of a new date for the elections

The second round of the elections was scheduled for Dec. 27.  As a result of protests triggered by the opposition seeking sincerity of the Oct. 25 vote, the election was postponed.  The United Nations Security Council is encouraging Haitian authorities to reschedule a date as soon as possible.

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