Photo credit: Vania Andre
Photo credit: Vania Andre

By Tadia Toussaint

News broke the internet that Mikael Guirand has decided to leave Carimi for personal reasons not yet disclosed.  The artist reportedly sent KompaMagazine a letter addressing Pat Desvarieux saying:

“For personal reasons I’m gonna step away from the stage as Carimi main singer… This is not really something I wish to go into details with the fans and the media right now, it’s imperative that I get some time off now…

Management is aware and will probably follow w a statement that clarifies the direction of the band moving forward.

… this was not an easy decision specially when I have been reliable for the pass 14 years. I hope you guys understand the sacrifice that comes w being a musician specially in the Haitian music industry..

Hope to see you guys soon…”

Close sources including top promoters in the Haitian Music Industry have verified through conversations with the band’s manager “Fito” that the band is distraught over this decision but reassures that “we should be fine.”

Mikael is the (cari)MI of the band’s name. Now loyal fans and kompaholics everywhere will be singing “Baby I miss you” to the lead singer.  They took to all platforms of social media expressing their sadness and confusion but they should remember “Sak Fek Nan Carimi, Ret nan Carimi.” (What happens in Carimi, stays in Carimi)

As for now, it is reported that Mikaben, who produced Carimi’s Kanaval soundtrack this year will take the forefront and become an active member of the band.

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