Photo credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre
Photo credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

By Rachele Viard

To improve the effectiveness and safety of Haiti’s roads, the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) has provided the country with a $65 million dollar grant, which will also enable Haiti to proceed with its regional and international integration.

The Ministry of Public Works, Transport and Communications will carry out this five-year program which will increase competitiveness, connectivity and accessibility by reducing transportation costs.  It will also improve safe transportation services, as well as, enhance the country’s regional and international integration.  A stretch of 29.5 kilometers of the Route National No.1 between Camp Coq and Vaudreuil will be rehabilitated.  Funds from the grant will also be used to improve and maintain Haiti’s primary and secondary roads.

Roughly 15 percent of Haiti’s roads are in good condition. Since road transport is the leading mode of transportation for cargo and passengers, improving its infrastructure is vital for economic development and will enhance integration.

Born into a Haitian family in Stone Mountain GA. , Rachele visited Haiti several times in her youth and connected to the country and the culture. She moved to Haiti in 2009, where she put her English degree to use as a writer, using her voice and pen to promote tourism in the country and highlight the richness of the Haitian culture and people.

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