Photo credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre
Photo credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

By Rachele Viard

Due to complaints of electoral fraud and ballot stuffing, the CEP has established a special commission composed of Ricardo Augustin, Yolette Mingual, Pierre Manigat Jr., Mosler Georges, and Jaccéus Joseph to investigate complaints and ensure fairness of the vote.

The commission will make sure that the Votes Tabulation Center (CTV) reviews complaints, and receives and archives correction reports made by CTV auditors so that actions taken regarding complaints are disseminated to appropriate channels.

Interested individuals and complainants have 48 hours after the publication of correction reports to provide the commission with information, as well as related documentation.

Presidential candidate Moïse Jean Charles stated that he discovered burnt ballots, which were in his favor.  He also said that he observed the same voter fraud in at polling site Rue Vaillant.  The presidential candidate provided no details or evidence for his claim.

Anacacis Jean Hector, LAPEH Party Coordinator, reported that PHTK supporters’ were involved in ballot stuffing, especially in the north.

The Mobile Institute of Mobile Education Democracy (IMED) praised the smooth election process of Oct. 25.  However, Kettly Julien, IMED Executive Director, highlighted inadequate physical space at polling centers, poor distribution of polling booths and secrecy of ballots compromised.

Prime Minister Evans Paul appealed to the population to remain calm and is a second round is necessary it will take place on Dec. 27.

Born into a Haitian family in Stone Mountain GA. , Rachele visited Haiti several times in her youth and connected to the country and the culture. She moved to Haiti in 2009, where she put her English degree to use as a writer, using her voice and pen to promote tourism in the country and highlight the richness of the Haitian culture and people.

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