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Photo credit: Garry Pierre-Pierre

By Rachele Viard

On Friday, Oct. 30, Argentina contributed $50,000 to support Haiti’s elections. The contribution was made during a ceremony at the United Nations (UN) to support the Haitian people and the country’s democratic consolidation and stabilization.

“We are grateful for our Argentinean colleagues’ contribution,” Denis Regis, permanent representative of Haiti to the UN said. “I acknowledge that both of our countries are going through an election process now and this has a crucial importance for our societies.”

“Every contribution, every gesture towards supporting these pivotal elections, for the consolidation of peace and democracy in Haiti are invaluable. We are honored and happy to be contributing to this process,” said Maria Cristina Perceval, Ambassador of Argentina to the United Nations.

This contribution made five days after the elections demonstrates Argentina’s commitment to support Haiti’ stabilization process. This is the third consecutive time in Haiti’s history that the people of Haiti will democratically elect a president.

“With its support to the UN peacekeeping operations and this new pledge for Haiti’s electoral process, Argentina shows the importance of regional commitment to the consolidation of democracy, peace and sustainable development in Haiti,” said Susan McDade, deputy assistant administrator and deputy regional director for Latin America and the Caribbean for the United Nations Development Programme.

The organization, upon Haiti’s request, manages the electoral basket fund and provides technical support to the country’s electoral body CEP. Brazil, Canada, Japan, Mexico, Norway, the United, and the European Union are among the other countries, which have contributed to the electoral process.

Argentina has been and continues to be a key partner for Haiti.

Born into a Haitian family in Stone Mountain GA. , Rachele visited Haiti several times in her youth and connected to the country and the culture. She moved to Haiti in 2009, where she put her English degree to use as a writer, using her voice and pen to promote tourism in the country and highlight the richness of the Haitian culture and people.

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