Former head of the state construction company, he was the government-backed candidate in the 2010 presidential contest. Disputed preliminary results had Celestin edging out eventual winner Michel Martelly for a runoff spot, but international pressure led Haitian authorities to review the count and eliminate Celestin. As leader of the Lapeh (Peace) party, he promises to bring jobs and boost development.


When a senator, he was one of the opposition lawmakers whose disagreements with President Michel Martelly’s administration brought political gridlock. He is an orator who can energize crowds and is known for riding horseback during anti-government protests. He’s the candidate of the Petit Dessalines faction, named for a hero of the Haitian revolution. He pledges to strengthen schools and invest in agriculture.


A political newcomer, he is the anointed candidate of outgoing President Michel Martelly. Martelly often appears at Moise’s side, leading some to question whether Martelly would be pulling strings in a Moise presidency. As the candidate for Martelly’s Tet Kale faction, Moise has called for the restoration of Haiti’s disbanded army and says he will improve education and create jobs, especially in agriculture.


A physician, she leads the Fanmi Lavalas party founded by twice-ousted President Jean-Bertrand Aristide. She was Aristide’s spokeswoman during his exile and campaign posters show her clasping hands with him. She once helped lead the health ministry and ran a USAID-financed health project. Narcisse pledges to bring economic growth, solve Haiti’s land tenure mess and strengthen education.


A lawyer and public notary, he has never held political office but ran for president in 2010 for the Renmen Ayiti faction, placing fourth in the first round. He is known to Haitians through an educational TV show called “Law for Everyone” in which he talks about legal issues. An ally of Aristide, Ceant has promised to create economic opportunities for more citizens and boost the tourism, education and health sectors.

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