Outrage exploded through the Haitian community this weekend after home health aide company, Interim Healthcare Inc. placed an ad looking for nursing positions , but specified “no Haitians” would be allowed.

“This is an outrageous discrimination in its purest form,” New York State Senator David Carlucci said in a statement. “It is a direct violation of the civil rights act and is completely illegal.”

The Florida-based company placed the ad in a local West Haverstraw, NY Pennysaver on Oct. 15.

“This was a slip and we’re looking to get in contact with the account representative,” an employee of Tristate Media Group said early Monday morning. Tristate Media Group publishes the West Haverstraw edition of the Pennysaver.

“We’re deeply offended and embarrassed by this,” an assistant to the owner of Trisate Media Group said. 

“The ad was mistakenly published without proper editing protocol,” said Sidney Sutter, chairman of the media company.

The ad has since been removed and a public apology will be published in this weekend’s edition of the paper, he said.
“We recognize the wording was highly offensive to our readers, executives as well as the employees of The Pennysaver and by no means does it reflect the opinions or feelings of the company.”

The Haitian American Lawyers’ Association of New York (HALANY) is also outraged by the discriminatory job posting  and taking action.
“We are contacting lawyers who practice employment discrimination law in order to take action against this,” Annel-Stephan Norgaisse, president-elect of HALANY said, “because this should not have occurred.”

Multiple calls to Ann Ortiz, controller of Interim Healthcare for the past 5 months, have been left unreturned.

“This company should be ashamed of itself,” Carlucci said, “and Pennysaver should strongly reconsider running any job postings from Interim Healthcare in future publications.”

A petition was started on change.org Sunday evening.

“This ad is troublesome, grossly inappropriate, and unprofessional,” Marilyn Laforest commented on the petition page. “An attack against one group of people is an attack against all.”

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