HABNET Pre-Labor Day Red & White Boat Cruise 2015 Photo Credit: Fabiola Jean

By Fabiola Jean

Last month, HABNET hosted their first annual Pre Labor Day Red & White Boat Cruise, where they celebrated their members and community supporters. The Haitian American Chamber of Commerce and their guests set sail aboard the Golden Sunshine, which left from Sheapshead Bay and cruised down the Brooklyn coastline.

“A lot of the people here are business owners and entrepreneurs who work very hard,” Jackson Rockingster, HABNET president said. “We want to make sure they have a good time, and that they play just as hard, if not harder.”

The red-and-white themed boat ride kicked off pre Labor Day festivities for HABNET. The night’s festivities included gourmet Caribbean food to spark the taste buds of the attendees. Guests enjoyed exotic drinks, endless selfies, and fireworks along Coney Island Harbor.

Highlights included raffles won by guests for a day of full Caribbean cleaning service to their homes as well as words shared by board members of HABNET and distinguished supporters.

The Brooklyn-based organization works to promote entrepreneurship and foster trade and commerce within the Haitian Diaspora in New York and surrounding communities. For more information on upcoming HABNET events, visit habnet.com

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