***BESTPIX*** Floyd Mayweather Jr. v Andre Berto - Weigh-in

By: Tadia Toussaint

Tonight, Andre Berto, 32, faces one of his most-anticipated boxing competitors: 38-year-old, undefeated, five division champion icon, Floyd Mayweather in the ring at Las Vegas’ MGM Grand.

Will Berto be the fighter to strip Mayweather of his 0 losses?

The proud Haitian-American pro boxer is getting fired up using the hashtags #TheHarvestIsHere and #ZoeBloodLine under his recent posts on social media.

The two-time welterweight world champ has won 30 of his 33 fights and is recovering from a recently injured shoulder which has arguably costed him 3 recent wins.

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Berto has dual citizenship and is both a legal American and Haitian citizen. The Florida-born fighter is one of seven children and has a history of being bullied in school.  As a result Berto’s father heavily influenced his fighting career, coaching him in the sport from an early age.

After Haiti’s 2010 earthquake, Berto published in a column in the New York Times detailing his experience visiting briefly after the catastrophe.


Floyd Mayweather’s last fight with Emmanuel “Manny” Pacquiao, which many argue was overly hyped, being called “fight-of-a-lifetime” set a record for highest sales in pay per view for HBO/Showtime with net sales amounting in $400M.

Mayweather, whose current record is 48-0, claims his fight with Berto is his last but boxing fans aren’t convinced especially because his last eleven fights were supposedly his last too.

Viewers can watch the fight on HBO pay per view tonight at 11 EST.

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