Telecom giant Digicel is relaunching their mobile money service “Tcho Tcho” under the new name “Mon Cash.” The new service, which was formed through a partnership with Scotiabank, allows Digicel customers to withdraw, transfer and deposit money from the from their mobile phones, without a bank account. Users are also able to top-up their “mobile accounts, pay for goods and services at affiliated merchants and pay bills.”

Digicel has also expanded the distribution network for Mon Cash. The mobile money service is available at all “authorized sales points for Digicel top-ups.” In order to register for the service, users will have to provide a government-issued ID. Customers can then create a “mini” account with maximum transactions of HTG 5,000, or a standard account, with a maximum of HTG 10,000 per transaction.

In Haiti, only 16 percent of the population have bank accounts, while over 60 percent own mobile phones. To encourage adoption of the mobile money service, Digicel offers five times as many minutes for each top-up of a minimum HTG 10 over Mon Cash.

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